Sunday, January 3, 2010

My day started...

01-01-10, nice number and date 4 me...but it’s too hard 2 face it…from the afternoon until the night..

Why?????? Coz I’m thinking something which I really need 2 do from the early.. but, just now I got the strength ( it really enough strength 2 do it??? I don’t know..emmm)..

anyway, Alhamdulillah coz at the morning I’m happy jogging with my roommate.. it make my day look like shining.. hehe (thanks 2 olin & awe)..

I really hope I can forgot everything about something happen 3 years ago.. EVERYTHING!! Not only who’s involve..But ALL!!!!

I have my own reason coz if I still think, care about the other heart & make the other happy but me in suffer.. 4 what right??? So, I think when I just forgive & forget it will make me & the other more happy and peace..

I’m really2 sorry..but it 4 our friendship.. I love so much the relationship..But, it’s too complicated..

Friends, I really hope u understand me coz it 4 your happiness too..hope everything will be ok.. maybe if ‘ada jodoh’, we will be friend again coz I believe Allah fair & I trust “ ajal maut, jodoh pertemuan semua ketentuan-Nya”..

insyaAllah..we just planning, only Allah can definitive.. May Allah bless & give us a strong iman & strong heart to face all those thing happen in our life.. insyaAllah..aminn…

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