Wednesday, September 29, 2010


by pic can story everything can means everything right?????
but, first of all Alhamdulillah, Thanks to ALLAH for still give a chance to breath and see the the world.
what the pic u see an the word beside that, its really mean by me...
i have a lot of pressure right now, not only about the thing me as a student should do.. but, the attitude of the person as a student.. actually what our duty as a student????
1) should did the research about the things lecturer ask right???
2) should be give a full commitment for the group discussion and group work right??
3) should share something what we know to other, n the other should give attention and effort to right??
4) should support each other in doing the other right???

but, what which i list, did u do as a student?????
can u answer me sincerely????
arghhhh.. it make me crazy when has a person just take easy for their work, just copy and paste everything.. plzz la.. i know, i also do the same thing, but i change with my word also n do a research about that.. i'm really2 sory if my post make the other hurt..
but, to all of u as a student, plzz alert about this thing, coz everything we has their own 'barokah' n has their own reason.. if we did something with our effort, i'm surely, the pressure u had, a tired u need to face can be as a gift some day and u can satisfied with ur own work...( i said all this thing also to remind me)..
andai keterlanjuran kata ini membuat ada yg terasa..
gantikan lah ia dgn kesedaran....
diri ini hanya manusia biasa yg xterlepas dari salah n silap...
hanya kepadamu ku berserah dan memohon..


Azwan Aziz said...

Sabar la deqsu... biasala kalo asgmnt group mesti ade yg mls nak wat keje...

its remind me of how i used to be dulu time kat uum....huhu... marah je sape xnk wat keje..huhu

deqsu said...

2la...tgh sbr jela dgn dugaan hdp...huhu..
thanks ek..
huahua..2la,teringin gk nk,kwn kn...emm...