Sunday, November 7, 2010

what next 4 me????

since the examination was, the study mood also gone...huhu
(xptt2...sepatutnye bersemangat la kn coz ade masa lagi untuk study..hehe)

back to the topic... what's next 4 me??????
i already plan what i'm going to do for this becoming 6 years..
(lama x plan deqsu???hehe..).. but, it just plan....=p

1)i want to take as many as much experience during at AFTASS later..
(no more play2 ok dila!!!!)...

2)after 6 month practical, hopefully will be graduate as accounting student with the best pointer that i can achieve (hopefully, some magic happens..hehe)

3)after graduation, i want to work area shah alam or selangor to stay with my luuly unni for 2 years only.. (coz i think after that, she already be married maa..hehe.. i always pray 4 u sis..).. n i don't care about the work but it must be halal n suitable for me...

4)after 2 years.. i gonna going to sabah to take the opportunity there n fine something that i can't find here.. i just want to be alone to take some more fresh n want to forget everything happen b4...hopefully.. may be 3 or 5 year there..
why sabah????(maybe i can share later...)

after i get what i want... n then i thinks about my future life...
it is ok??? at that time i'm 27 @ 29 it late???
hehe..whatever..i don't care...hehehe...

~but, everything happens i believe in Allah coz HE know what the best for me~

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