Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A week after semester break….

2 days after break….finally I have time to meet my friend dbat & djah……long time no see them…I really miss u friend’s…=)…but I’ve no chance to meet others..i’m so sory frens coz I got a part-time job at Amano Malaysia Sdn. Bhd…and I need to start this week…huhu..anyway,thanks to my luvly sis for the chance…Other than that, my activities for this week are follow my sis for their futsal & bowling tournament with ‘ehozarian’.. Oppss.. I forgot it.. I also seen my best friend…around 2 years I didn’t meet him..ur really different now..but, I hope u can get what u almost want fren..best of luck to u, I always pray for u..@ the weekend, me n my sis fren (sis wie, sis ayit n sis iqa) went to Agrotek Langat..nice picnic (no word 2 describe it)…all pic were show our happiness..=)

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