Saturday, January 3, 2009

Year 2009

actually nothing to shout now...just want to say..happy new year 2009....huhu...too many things i want to do this make me happy always...huahua...but, 1 thing i want to forget about couple even now all my friends have it..but, i don't care coz my study n happiness with my own style is more important than that...jealous?????sometime la, especially when they "bergayut"..huahua..what ever la n bla2, pntg ke couple 2?????i don't think so...huahua...anyway, congrate 2 all my friends..hope u all happy always n don't forget about study k...hehehe...chayok2!!!i'm alone now here coz my friends bz with their "ehem2"...but i know my family always with,it's ok 4 me n i try to be strong, success n be more matured..hehe..hope it..plzz pray 4 me..n i also hope happiness always with me in this year...

1 comment:

cKin0 said...

couple?x penting buat mase sekarg.
dila.x bek tau lgkah bendul.tunggu kite ade dulu k.hehe