Friday, October 29, 2010

~last day...last week...last memory~

at last TAP class wif Pn. Zurida.. i like ur smile and teaching madam, thanks a lot.. frens,hopefull we still keep in touch...

with classmate fa n our luvly lecturer Dr. Asma.. will miss u guys.. thanks Dr. for ur advice and u one the best teacher that i have.

taraa...the FYP ~pineapple~ of COSTING class... really like this pic... thank u guys.. best group and FYP!!!!!!=p

pic with En. Halim, our best lecturer.. en. mmg bek... t'haru sgt dgn nsht yg en. bg.. i will miss the advice and rmmbr that... thanks a lot..

infront of our faculty and college..

at the last day of class.. finally, snap pic jgk kt sni..heheehe

jom2 nek bas...wlaupun bas UNIC ni slalu wt,ni la transport spnjg kt UUM ni..hehe...

this our hostel..YAB!!!!!!!!heheehehe


GrEEn-VeinEd wHitE said...

wah!!!kak dila dah last year eak????heheheheheh

deqsu said...

hehe..aah...sdh la plak nk tggl kn u..huhuhu

u.m.i.e said...

will miss dis memory :)