Thursday, October 21, 2010

saya suka.....

what should i do right now????
here are the things i like to do, the quote is really meaningful 4 me:

it actually we need to do everyday in the morning.. kn???kn???hehe..lgpun, ustaz kt skolah dlu slalu pesan, klu nk ari kte ceria..pg2 bgn..terus snym..=p..

and now as a student.. we should learn anything in our life.. not only study.. what what really happen around we....hehehe.. yg bek jdkn ikutan..yg buruk tggl2 kn..=p..

in face the life everyday.. we should thinks about the other also.. don't be sellfish ok????hehe.. but, the person also make hurt to the other???why ha????

maybe in our life.. has a hapiness thing and sad thing.., but, just tke it as a test because Allah always be fair.. HE want us to always remember HIM and actually HE want give us something that we can realize it someday....=p

jangan jadikn diri kte menyesal d kemudian hari atas ape yg kte xlakukan...jd lakukan lah yg terbek dlm dri kte d sepanjang kesempatan hidup yg Allah kurniakan...=p

and the most thing we need to do is understand 1st what u want???who r u????

p/s:the thing i do now because i realize ineed to do what i should do...i dont want be sad always coz Allah always with us.. and one more thing, love is not everything... sometime it can make us fool and do the thing we shouldn't do... so,just be ur self dila.. be strong in every single thing happen.. BELIEVE THAT ALLAH CAN GIVE U WHAT U WANT IF IS UR MINE>>>>>=)insyaAllah...

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