Friday, July 9, 2010


that u see what the cat beside be feel??????.. like worried , feel sad and thinking about something but don't know how share.. (my imagination when i saw the pic).. so,it's same like me.. sometime.. i don't know why i feel like this coz when i worry about something@someone, the other just hepy and ignore my concern.. why???? why???? why????... sometime going crazy to felt like this.. but, Alhamdulillah.. Allah always give me hope and remembered coz everything was happen HE always with their slave... so, i must be strong in everything situation... to share with Allah is everyting than share with the people..
2 love some1 is nothing, 2 be loved by someone is something, 2 be loved by someone u love is exciting, but 2 be loved by ALLAH is EVERYTHING....

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